Von primärer Bedeutung eines jeden Unternehmens ist, sich dessen Zukunft zu sichern, worauf viele Interessengruppen und Einflussfaktoren einwirken. Die zentrale Rolle spielen dabei intern die finanzielle Stabilität des Unternehmens selbst sowie zuverlässige Mitarbeiter und Lieferanten – und extern die Marktnachfrage der angebotenen Güter oder Dienstleistungen.



«My English is not on that level that I want it to be, but I work on it every day. So I am sure to improve my language skills until 2015. And I'm confident of correcting all the mistakes in that year.» S.L.


I aim to secure companies' future. Therefore it is necessary for them to have a well thought out strategic planning and furthermore to execute that one successful in operational business. Moreover companies need a plan to control their processes and improve them uninterrupted, resulting in decreased costs and a more profitable business. Furthermore there are points like thinking integrated, customer orientation at 100%, operate innovative, know all the risks that could happen and control them. That all are basics in today's act of companies – should be if they aren't anyway.

At the moment I am focussed on Switzerland where I come from and live in, in future I think it's possible to work international, go global – thanks to the technical progress we enjoy today – but only time will tell.

I think what I want to do is similar to the hospital's order – do the best treatment that patients will survive.

Steven Lüscher,
Business Engineer, B.Sc.